Thursday, June 13, 2013

Backup Exec Remote Agent Crashed When Backing Up SharePoint 2010 Server Farm

I logged a case with Symantec Technical Support regarding Backup Exec Remote Agent crashing when I tried to backup SharePoint 2010 Server Farm in early April.

After a few attempts of verifying the configuration and troubleshooting, I was given a temporary workaround to bypass the SharePoint backup so that I can backup the content databases.  I have described how to do it in Bypassing Symantec Backup Exec 2012 SharePoint backup.

My case was escalated to Symantec Engineering Team with lots of logs collected.  In early May, Symantec had identified the cause of the issue was because my SharePoint 2010 Server Farm has more than 200 content databases.  The Symantec article describes the issue.

In late May, the Symantec Engineering Team came up with the first debug binary version of ndmpsrvr.dll but it did not resolve the issue.  In early June, the Symantec Engineering Team came up with the second debug binary version of ndmpsrvr.dll which I have been testing for the past few days and confirmed that it has resolved the issue.

With the debug binary working, I can now have a full SharePoint Farm backup.  For now, I have to avoid installing any update until the public hotfix becomes available.

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