Monday, July 01, 2013

vCenter CPU and Memory Usage Not Working

One of my ESXi host was having “Monday Blue” (let’s call it blue host) this morning and decided to play a trick on me.  After logging on to vCenter, I saw many virtual machines were migrating off from the blue host to another ESXi host. 

I clicked on the Summary tab of the blue host and was shocked to see the CPU usage and Memory usage showing 0 MHz and 0.00MB respectively.  There were virtual machines running on the blue host but vCenter was not getting the usage information from the blue host.  The migration happened so fast that the other host was feeling the strain.

Resource not showing CPU and Memory usage

The solution was to restart the management agents in the blue host.  I restarted the management agents via the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI).

Restart Management Agents

The blue host became disconnected after the management agents so I connected it back by right clicking on blue host and select connect.

After getting blue host back to the cluster, virtual machines started to migrate back to blue host.  The CPU and Memory usage in the Summary tab is also back to normal.

Resource shows CPU and Memory usage

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