Friday, December 31, 2010

Site Collection Usage Summary Has No Data Available

Yesterday, after looking high and low for all the possible settings that I might have missed out, I decided to play the “patient” game.  I waited for a day and tried to view the “Site collection usage summary” just now.  Yes, it increased my “happiness level” a bit because I am seeing more data being displayed.  So it turned out that I just need to wait.  Someone has turned off the “Enable advanced usage analysis processing” and now all of us have to wait.  However, the “not so advanced usage analysis processing” was still running so I can still fall back to it.  I just need to append _layouts/usage.aspx to the back of my site URL and it will display the plain old not so advanced “Site Collection Usage Summary”.

Next step, find out how the “Enable advanced usage analysis processing” got turned off while waiting for more data to be analyzed.

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