Monday, December 27, 2010

Install Office for Mac 2011 - You must quit the following application before you can continue

My wife received her MacBook Air today after waiting for almost a week. I tried to help her install Office for Mac 2011 and ran into a small hiccup. I must admit that I am totally new to the Mac World. Before she passed the MacBook Air to me, she had the Safari browser opened. I didn’t quit the Safari browser and started with the Office installation. Just when it is about to complete (it was running some script), a message pop-up that said “You must quit the following application before you can continue”. The application was Safari. I switched to Safari, closed Safari by clicking on the red button with an X in it. Switched back to message box and clicked on the Continue button. But to my horror, the message box won’t go away. I thought I had just mess up the MacBook Air. My last hope is to Google for the message and fortunately, it is a known issue. The following Microsoft support article helped to solve my problem. Phew…

You must quit running application. Here are a few ways you can stop a running application:

  • If the applicatio icon appears in the dock, press the CONTROL key on your keyboard and then click on the icon, choose Quit.
  • Choose the application name next to the Applie icon and choose Quit <Application name>.

  • In the Apple menu, click Force Quit. Choose the application name and click Force Quit. Note: You cannot force quit Finder.
  • In the Finder, click Go, click Computer. Open your hard drive (Macintosh HD), open Applications folder. Open Utilties folder, open Activity Monitor. Locate the application name, click once to hightlight it and then select Quit Process.

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Nathan said...

Wow! This was insanely helpful. I was trying to update an application and that same message popped up, but it wouldn't let me close the application. I force quit the app, but the message wouldn't go away, and it made to where I couldn't even turn the computer off. Thanks a lot! I thought I was screwing up my new computer.