Sunday, June 09, 2013

Renting Pocket WiFi in Japan

My family had a holiday trip to Osaka Japan last week.  Just a day before flying off, we started searching information of pre-paid data SIM card in Japan so that our mobile devices can connect to Internet to make video/voice calls and for navigation. 

Initially, we set our eye on b-mobile Visitor SIM pre-paid card which costs ¥3,980 for 14 days but realized that we do not have a compatible MiFi and planned to buy one.  While searching for a compatible MiFi, we noticed there are lots of MiFi rental service in Japan which includes data plan (known as Pocket WiFi).  Here are some providers for Pocket WiFi.

Just google it and you can find many more such provider.  We ordered the 75Mbps Model from Global Advanced Communications and got them to deliver to our hotel.  It comes with a MiFi (which is Huawei GL04P), a power adapter and a USB cable for charging (the micro USB connector goes to the MiFi).


With the battery full charged, it was able to serve us for a day trip before charging it in the late evening.


This small little device brings a lot of convenience to our Japan trip.

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