Sunday, October 14, 2012

Upgrade vSphere 4.1 to 5.1 – Update Manager Upgrade

In this post entry, we will look at upgrading the Vmware vSphere Update Manager to the version compatible with vCenter 5.1.  The upgrade process is quite straightforward.  As usual, run the VMware vCenter Installer and select VMware vSphere Update Manager.  Click on the Install button to launch the Update Manager installer.


Click on the OK to begin installation.

01_Update Manager

The installer detected an earlier version and will perform an upgrade.  Click OK to continue.

03_Update Manager Upgrade

On the welcome screen, click Next to continue.

04_Update Manager Welcome

The next 2 screens are the patent agreement and EULA which you need to agree to continue.

Read the support information and click Next to continue.

07_Update Manager Support Information

Provide the required information for Update Manager to connect to vCenter.


On the Database Information screen, click on Next to continue.

09_Update Manager Database Configuration Information

I have taken a backup of the existing Update Manager database and I chose to upgrade the Update Manager database.  Click Next to continue.

10_Update Manager Database Upgrade

Select the IP address or host name of the Update Manager from the drop down list.  Leave the port numbers as default.  If proxy configuration is required to gain Internet access, select the “Yes, I have Internet connection and I want to configure proxy settings now.” checkbox.  Click Next to continue.

11_Update Manager Port Settings

If you have select the “Yes, I have Internet connection and I want to configure proxy settings now.” checkbox in the earlier screen, you will enter the proxy information here.  Click Next to continue.

12_Update Manager Proxy Settings

Now click Install to start the installation.

13_Update Manager Ready to Install

I got the warning that the existing VMware vSphere Update Manager Service is using some files that need to be updated.  I chose to automatically close and attempt to restart applications and click OK.

15_Update Manager Files in Use

The installation went smoothly and completed successfully.

16_Update Manager Installation Completed

Now that we are done with the Update Manager upgrade, we need to install the Update Manager client.  Go to the Plug-in Manager and click on the Download and Install link for the VMware vSphere Update Manager Extension.


Click on Run to start the VMware vSphere Update Manager Client installer.

18_Update Manager Install Plug-in Run

Click OK to begin.

19_Update Manager Client Install

On the welcome screen, click Next.  Agree to the patent and EULA to continue.

Now click Install to start the installation.

24_Update Manager Client Ready to Install

The installation completed successfully.

26_Update Manager Client Installation Completed

Now go back to the Plug-in manager and make sure that the VMware vSphere Update Manager Extension has been enabled.

I have a small problem enabling the VMware vSphere Update Manager Extension after the installation.  When I tried to enable the plug-in, I get the following errors.

Plug-in is unavailable for the following server(s):


There was an error connecting to VMware vSphere Update Manager -
Database temporarily unavailable or has network problems.


This is because the upgrade has reverted the Update Manager service to run as Local System Account.  As I am using a remote SQL Server with Windows authentication, the Update Manager service needs to run as a domain account.

After changing the Update Manager service to run as the domain service account used by the previous version of Update Manager, I am able to enable the plug-in.



Up next will be upgrading the ESXi host using Update Manager.

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