Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PERC 4e/Di Memory/battery problems were detected

One of my Dell PowerEdge Server rebooted unexpectedly this morning and was having problem booting up.

The PERC 4e/Di controller after spinning the disks, threw out the following POST message.

Memory/battery problems were detected.
The adapter has recovered, but cached data was lost.
Press any key to continue.

I pressed any key to continue and the Windows Server tried to boot up.  But before it can get to the logon screen, it rebooted again.  Tried a few times but it just keep rebooting.

To make matter worse, the server is out of warranty.  Fortunately, I found a spare server which is same model.  I took out the PERC’s battery and RAID DIMM from the spare server.


I replaced the battery and RAID DIMM of the server having problems with the battery and RAID DIMM from the spare server.

Removed the battery from the holding slot.

IMG-20121017-00152 - Copy

Disconnect the battery cable.

IMG-20121017-00151 - Copy

Removed the RAID DIMM from the DIMM slot.


After the replacement, the PERC issue was resolved and the server is able to boot up successfully.

Here is an article on troubleshooting battery and memory error on PERC controller.

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