Friday, August 10, 2012

Avoiding the Windows Server 2012 Gotcha

By now most people are aware of the licensing changes when Microsoft launches Windows Server 2012.  If you are still not aware of the changes, I would encourage you to read the following two pdf files from Microsoft.

For enterprise customers, here are some points to take note.

  • No more Enterprise Edition.  There are only Standard and Datacenter Editions.
  • No feature different between Standard and Datacenter Edition.  All features in Datacenter Edition will be available in Standard Edition.
  • The difference between Standard and Datacenter Edition is the level of virtualization density.  Each Standard licence let you run two virtual machines while Datacenter let you run unlimited virtual machine.
  • No more Server + CAL licensing for Standard Edition.  The licensing will be based on Processor + CAL.
  • Each licence (Standard and Datacenter) will come in two processors package.  You have to use the licence on a server as a whole.  You cannot split the two processors into two licences and use it on two servers.
  • Cannot buy licence for virtual processor.  The licensing is based on physical processors.
  • If you are on Software Assurance (SA), you can upgrade Datacenter to Datacenter, Enterprise to two Standard licences and Standard to Standard.
  • Version downgrade is possible but the new Windows Server 2012 rules still apply.
  • The cost of the new Standard licence will be slightly higher.  The cost for Datacenter should remain the same.

The list will probably get very long if I continue since every company will have different scenarios to cover.  But I guess you get the general ideas of “charging by computing power”.

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