Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Volatile Environment\CLIENTNAME does not update

I am using the following Group Policy to map from the terminal server back to the user’s C drive when he logon to the terminal server .

Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Terminal Services/TS User Home Directory

However, a few users are having issue when they changed new computers.  It keeps mapping back to their old computers’ name.  Obviously, the mapping will be invalid because the old computers are not available anymore.

My workaround is to have them logon to the terminal server.  Navigate to HKEY_USERS\[SID]\Volatile Environment where [SID] is the SID of the user.  Update the CLIENTNAME value to the new computer name.  Ask the user to logon and re-logon.

Until I find the root cause of this, I have to stick to this workaround.

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