Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Services Not Running

I received an emergency call from my China colleague yesterday.  He said that his Exchange server is not working because all the Exchange services refused to start.  He said that it began when he tried to add a new mailbox but received a RPC error.  He thought that changing  the service account for the RPC and RPC Locator services to a domain account with administrative right on the server will solve his problem.   After the change, he rebooted the server and the RPC services failed to start.  This also caused all Exchange services to fail.  He tried to change back the service account but when he tried to open the properties of the services, the properties dialog box did not appear.

Since I have no way to remote to his server, I can only ask him to edit the registry to change back the service account.  The two registry keys are:



He changed the value data for ObjectName from the domain account back to NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService.  Rebooted the server and lucky him that that solved his problems, including the issue on adding new mailbox.

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