Thursday, December 30, 2010

Problem Viewing SharePoint Site Collection Usage Summary

When I clicked on “Site collection usage summary” under the “Site Collection Administration” section this morning, I am hoping to see some nice statistic but was presented with the following message.

“Both Windows SharePoint Services Usage logging and Office SharePoint Usage Processing must be enabled to view usage reports. Please contact your administrator to ensure that these services are enabled.”

It was working previously! So I logged on to our MOSS front-end server, launched “SharePoint Central Administration”, to go “Operations” tab, click on “Usage analysis processing” under the “Logging and Reporting” section. Hmmm… both “Enable logging” and “Processing Settings” were enabled. So the message is telling “lie” again.

I restarted the IIS service but still no luck. Then I switched to the “Shared Services Administration” and I saw “Usage reporting” under the “Office SharePoint Usage Reporting” section. I clicked on “Usage reporting” and saw that “Enable advanced usage analysis processing” was not enabled. So I enabled it and click on the OK button.

Went back to my SharePoint site and did it refresh and was quite happy to see that undesirable message was gone. I am only quite happy because it is now telling me that “No data is available for this report”!

More troubleshooting to continue… Sad smile

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