Friday, September 02, 2005

Teacher's Day

Took leave to take care of my 2 sons. In the late morning, we joined my wife for lunch at her work place. In the late afternoon, I brought my son to his music school for his dance rehearsal. The concert will take place this Saturday and thanks god it will be over soon. My wife and I will be in the choir (just can't believe I actually agree to it).

We reached home at about 8pm and after taking bath and watching the Project Super Star, I start to clear my office emails. I saw an email from our outsource vendor and well something went wrong. They deployed one of our in-house software on 3 citrix servers and one of it is having problem after restart. They can't terminal service into it and both ping and tracert failed. Fortunately, the server is connected to a digital KVM and with the software installed on my computer, I am able to KVM over IP. To my suprise, the IP address and computer name of the server had been changed. I changed back the IP address, computer name and re-joined it into our AD domain. After the change, I tested out the Citrix connection and it failed. I saw Event ID 1003 and 1004 in the System Event Log. I used to look for Event ID 1004 and there are a few possible causes. I did a repair on the Citrix installation but it does not help. I tried to point the Citrix server to another Terminal Service Licensing Server but it did not help either. Finally I solved it by following KB329896 which is related to corrupted Terminal Server certificate.


Dora said...

Chim leh.. I dunno what is digital KVM.

Dora said...

By the way, next time remember to title your posts.. looks better and easier to search.