Monday, September 16, 2013

Missing Source Disk In VMware vCenter Converter

Last night I was trying to convert a physical server to a virtual machine using VMware vCenter Converter.  However, one of the disk from the source is not showing up in VMware vCenter Converter.

Disk Management

The disk in question is a dynamic disk spanning across two LUNs.  The following two lines appeared in the VMware Converter Agent log/

[#1] [2013-09-14 14:21:26.749 07216 warning 'App'] Failed to get info for \\.\PhysicalDrive1: error Read \\.\PhysicalDrive1 disk layout: Incorrect function (1)
[#1] [2013-09-14 14:21:26.827 07216 info 'App'] Volume \\?\Volume{6eebfa01-57d8-48f7-a780-8ab804dacab7}\ is assosiated with a disk that had been filtered out; filter out the volume as well.

The disk is less than 2TB so is not relevant.

It turned out the problem was because it was a GPT disk and my VMware vCenter Converter version was before 5.1.

VMware vCenter Converter prior 5.1 does not support conversion of GPT disk.  Upgrade to VMware vCenter Converter 5.1 solved the problem.

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