Monday, July 08, 2013

VMware VirtualCenter Server failed to start after migrating to another datacenter

In my previous post Migrating VMware vCenter With Veeam Backup & Replication, I talked about the challenges I faced in migrating a vCenter VM across vCenter Datacenter managed by the vCenter itself.

Towards the end of the previous post, I mentioned that after successfully migrating the vCenter VM using Veeam Backup and Replication, I faced another issue.  The VMware VirtualCenter Server service failed to start.

The following error was found in the Windows application log.

The description for Event ID 1000 from source VMware VirtualCenter Server cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

The following information was included with the event:

Failed to intialize VMware VirtualCenter. Shutting down...

the message resource is present but the message is not found in the string/message table

The following was found in the vpxd log.

2013-07-03T13:27:55.239+08:00 [01536 info 'authvpxdMoSessionManager'] [SSO][SessionManagerMo::Init] Downloading STS Root certificates ...
2013-07-03T13:27:55.270+08:00 [05476 info 'Default'] Thread attached
2013-07-03T13:27:55.348+08:00 [01536 error 'vpxdvpxdMain'] [Vpxd::ServerApp::Init] Init failed: Unexpected exception
--> Backtrace:
--> backtrace[00] rip 000000018018a8ca
--> backtrace[01] rip 0000000180102f28
--> backtrace[02] rip 000000018010423e
--> backtrace[03] rip 000000018008e00b
--> backtrace[04] rip 0000000000554971
--> backtrace[05] rip 00000000004f1298
--> backtrace[06] rip 00000000004f16c9
--> backtrace[07] rip 0000000000460fae
--> backtrace[08] rip 0000000140f8e248
--> backtrace[09] rip 000000013fe7fd68
--> backtrace[10] rip 000000013fe7fe5a
--> backtrace[11] rip 000000013fe7ff69
--> backtrace[12] rip 000000013fe802f9
--> backtrace[13] rip 00000001401c4b43
--> backtrace[14] rip 000000014096e6f9
--> backtrace[15] rip 000000014096859c
--> backtrace[16] rip 0000000140b8a78b
--> backtrace[17] rip 000007fefdbba82d
--> backtrace[18] rip 000000007723f34d
--> backtrace[19] rip 0000000077372ca1
2013-07-03T13:27:55.348+08:00 [01536 warning 'VpxProfiler'] ServerApp::Init [TotalTime] took 8144 ms
2013-07-03T13:27:55.348+08:00 [01536 error 'Default'] Failed to intialize VMware VirtualCenter. Shutting down...
2013-07-03T13:27:55.348+08:00 [01536 info 'vpxdvpxdSupportManager'] Wrote uptime information
2013-07-03T13:27:59.217+08:00 [06044 warning 'VpxProfiler' opID=SWI-76344d84] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] took 12012 ms
2013-07-03T13:28:11.230+08:00 [06044 warning 'VpxProfiler' opID=SWI-e755d03f] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] took 12012 ms
2013-07-03T13:28:23.242+08:00 [06044 warning 'VpxProfiler' opID=SWI-29ed57b2] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] took 12012 ms
2013-07-03T13:28:35.254+08:00 [06044 warning 'VpxProfiler' opID=SWI-a973b854] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] took 12012 ms
2013-07-03T13:28:47.266+08:00 [06044 warning 'VpxProfiler' opID=SWI-e7366c2b] VpxUtil_InvokeWithOpId [TotalTime] took 12012 ms
2013-07-03T13:28:47.500+08:00 [01536 info 'Default'] Forcing shutdown of VMware VirtualCenter now

Fortunately, it didn’t take too long to find the solution for the issue.

I followed the resolution in the After making a change or restarting Single Sign On server system, vCenter Server 5.1.x fails to start (2036170) article to solve the problem.

Oh yes, my vCenter is much more responsive now after moving to the new storage.

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