Friday, April 12, 2013

ASUS RT-N66U Dark Knight

After a few months of tolerating with the bad wireless signal and speed performance from using the wireless router given by my local ISP, I decided to get it replaced. 

I have quite a number of wireless devices at home ranging from laptops running Windows OS, MacBook, iOS devices, Androids devices, Blackberry devices.  Out of all these devices, iOS devices and MacBook have the worst wireless performance when using the ISP’s wireless router.  Below is the speed test result of my iPad.

iPad Speed Test with ISP router

Furthermore, the ISP’s wireless router comes with firmware customized by the ISP and configuration is very limited. The manufacturer of the ISP’s wireless router does not release firmware to the public and there is no open source firmware for it.

After looking at some wireless router, I set my eyes on the ASUS RT-N66U Dual Band Wireless N900 Router.


Setting up is a breeze by going through the quick Internet setup wizard.  At the Internet Setup screen, I will need to select the “Special Requirement from ISP” checkbox and select the appropriate ISP profile.

Did another speed test on my iPad after switching to the RT-N66U and below is the result.  The 3.46Mbps and 3.91Mbps are the best download speed I can get from the ISP’s wireless router.  The 31.30Mbps and 43.56Mbps are the download speed I am getting now.

iPad Speed Test with ASUS RT-N66U

On my laptop running Windows 8, this is the speed test result.

Laptop Speed Tes

In general wireless coverage has improved significantly.  I like this Dark Knight!

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