Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iOS 6 features on iPad 2

According to Apple, iOS 6 comes with 200 over new features but not all are available for iPad 2.  Here are some of the features that I have noticed from my upgraded iPad 2.

Well before getting any new feature, I lost two of them, Google Map and YouTube.  Google Map was replaced by Apple Map but YouTube was replaced by nothing.  There is a YouTube app for iPhone but not iPad.  Hoping to see Google Map and YouTube apps for iPad appearing in App Store soon.

First up the line is the much talk about Apple Map.  Other than I can zoom out all the way in satellite view until it becomes a global, I still prefer Google Map for now.

Apple Map

Next is the World Clock which is really nice.  The Swiss Federal Railway service has accused of Apple stealing the clock design.

World Clock

Now with the added privacy control, I can control what information (e.g. Location Services, Contacts, etc) and accounts (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc) an app can access.


I can also now insert photo or video into email.  This is one of my favourite feature.

Email Insert Photo or Video

I am also able to upload existing photos to file uploading sites using mobile web browsers (e.g. Safari).

Upload File Enable Choose File

Choose File Options

Those will iPad 3 will have more features such as Siri and ability to use FaceTime over cellular network.

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