Monday, May 07, 2012

Spending My Day With A Problematic Server

A Dell PowerEdge 6850 server decided to fail this morning and it started with a processor sensor error.  Rebooting it rendered a memory configuration error.

Reported to Dell and got the replacement which includes processors, RAM, memory card and a motherboard.  Replaced the processors, RAM and memory card but the server would not go up.  Then we noticed that one of the memory card is cannot be recognized and it is most likely faulty slot on the motherboard.

CPUCPU Heatsink

We replaced the faulty motherboard and the memory card was properly detected.

PE6850 Motherboard

Just when we were about to celebrate, the server beeped and complained that PCI slot 5 was faulty.  Great, we have replaced a motherboard which one slot issue and introduced another slot issue.  Made another call to Dell to get another motherboard.

We were keeping our finger crossed when changing the motherboard as the server has been down for many hours and it was getting late.  Fortunately, this motherboard did not fail us and the server is up and running.

What a way to end a day with this problematic server.

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