Tuesday, March 06, 2012

iPod is disabled connect to iTunes

My iPod Touch was disabled after entering the wrong passcode too many times.  Obviously I am not the one who did it.

ipod is disabled

Anyway, like what it says, the only option is to connect to iTunes.  However, by just connecting the iPod Touch to iTunes does not solve the problem.  We do not have the machine that last sync with the iPod Touch.  The iTunes on my machine refused to “talk” to the iPod Touch unless I enter the passcode to unlock it which I cannot do it because it was disabled.  Kind of like a chicken and egg story.

So my last option is really to restore the iPod Touch to factory default by going into restore mode.  This means everything on my iPod Touch will be gone but thanks goodness, there is really nothing important in it.  If you do a search on the internet, you will find that there are various methods of getting into the restore mode with subtle differences in steps.  Here is the one that works for me.

Connect iPod to the machine with iTunes running.
Hold sleep and home together.
Do NOT do anything when the slide to power off appears.  Just wait.
When you see the Apple logo appears, release the sleep button.
Continue to wait until you see the connect to iTunes screen.


iTunes will show a message saying that the iPod is in restore mode.
Just follow the instruction shown in iTunes to restore it to factory setting.

Thanks goodness that my iPod Touch is alive again.

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Bre said...

Thanks, this method definitely worked for me.