Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Host’s CPU does not support Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC)

Was trying to add two ESXi 4.1 hosts into a new cluster I created in vCenter.  I enabled “EVC for Intel Hosts” since I have checked that the processors of the two hosts can support EVC from “Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support”.


I was able to add the first host without any problem.  But when I tried to add the second host which has same hardware configuration as the first host, I received the following error message.

“ The host’s CPU hardware does not support Enhanced vMotion Compatibility, which is enabled for this cluster.”


I am very sure that the CPU does support EVC.  So what can be the cause?

It was because the Virtualization Technology (VT) was not enabled in the Server BIOS.

VT disabled

I enabled the Virtualization Technology (VT) in the Server BIOS and was abled to add the second host.

VT enabled

Seems like someone had enabled the VT for the first host but not the second host.

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