Friday, December 03, 2010

Adobe Acrobat 9 - Very Slow Closing PDF File

One of my users was having issue closing or saving PDF file when using Adobe Acrobat 9. It was very slow and sometime it just hanged.
After some troubleshooting, we found out that it is due to the large Organizer database file (80+ MB) found in %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0 folder. The name of the file is Organizer90. For more information of what is Organizer, you can check out
We deleted the file and it solved the slowness issue. Howver, she is a heavy user of PDF and this file is going to grow big again. After checking that she is not using this function, we decided to turn it off. Here is how we turn it off.
Start Adobe Acrobat, click on the Edit menu and click on Preferences...

Under Categories, select Documents. On the right pane, under Open Settings, click the "Remember files in Organizer History for" drop down box. Select "Don't Remember PDFs" and click the OK button. The default value was "Last 12 months".



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Unknown said...

Edit>Preferences>Catalog uncheck 'enable logging'.

instant fix! It's been a pain for the last two years and I stumbled into this on an Adobe site.

good luck