Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Passed My Driving Test

Last night I was feeling very tense up but "fortunately" I was tire enough to fall asleep. It was my driving test today and that's why I am so tense up. My darling wife left house around 7.30am and I didn't join her for breaskfast as usual because she wanted me to rest. Thank you dear for your thoughtfulness.

I woke up in the morning about 8am and couldn't sleep anymore. Wash up at around 8.30am and at around 9am, Edison and me went out for our breakfast. After breakfast, we went home and it was only 10am. I tried to lay on the bed to get some rest but just couldn't stop thinking of the test. At about 11am, I started to get ready, preparing all the necessary documents. I left house at around 11.15am. When I reached MRT station, I realised that I forgotten to bring my transitlink card. Went back home to get the card and quickly rush to the MRT station.

I reached Bukit Gomak MRT station at around 12pm. Went to a bread shop to buy myself a hotdog bun and a packet of orange juice. Board the Bukit Batok Driving Center (BBDC) bus at 12.10pm and reached BBDC at 12.15pm. Print out my booking slip and submit it with my documents to the information counter. I was allocated car 137. I waited for the instructor to call my name for the 50 minutes warmup. Finally, my name was called and I started my warmup session. I was very nervous during the warmup and it was raining. Made some mistakes. First my braking for Emergency Brake was not hard enough. Secondly, I failed to see a car turing right when I change lane to the right. The warmup test route is number 2 and my car position was out during one of the right turn. The whole warmup only lasted for 40 minutes and I am back to BBDC.

The instructor brought me up to teh second floor where all testees wait to be called for briefing. It was only 1.10pm and my test is 1.55pm so I went out to the temple next to BBDC to pray. At around 1.45pm, all testees were called into the briefing room. After a short briefing we started to draw lot and I was allocated test route 5. After that, we have to wait for our tester to call us. I was reallt tense up at this moment and furthermore, I was the last one to be called. Once my tester called me, I quickly greet him. He asked to go the car and get ready. I quickly dashed down and hopped into the car. I start the engine, adjust the rearview mirror and realise that the wipper was on. I quickly off the wipper. The tester came into the car and said that when he hit the dashboard, I will do the Emergency Brake. I checked safety and moved out but then I realised that I didn't lock the door. The tester started to adjust the left side mirror. I thought to myself "Oh no, is the mirror adjusted wrongly?". When waiting to turn into the "S" course, I quickly lock the door and the instructor seems shocked.

After completed the circuit courses, we went on to the test route. I was constantly looking out on my right side on the 70km/hr road because I will need to do a U-turn but I need to wait for the tester to give instruction. Fortunately, not many cars on the right so I have no problem filtering to the right. After that, I just continue to drive safely. Then on the way going back to BBDC, I proceed when the traffic light turn amber because I was too near the traffic light. The tester didn't say anything. Then again, I proceed when the traffic light turn amber. This time, he started to write something. I thought he will give me 8 demerit points for that. Then another traffic light turn amber and I quickly brake. After that, we went back to BBDC. I followed the tester to the briefing room. The room was crowded and the tester read my "verdict" near the door. He pointed out my mistakes which are "Lane Change Abruptly" 2 times (4 demerit points each) and "Failed to check traffic at side road" (2 demerit points). Total 10 demerit points and I passed!!! I quickly said "Thank you Sir!!!". Went to watch the safety video, signed up for the driving orientation course and apply for my driving lesson.

I was totally burnout now and I hopefully I can sleep well tonight. Thank you my darling wife for your full support.

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Dora said...

aiyo, aiyo, for all that hard work you put in, you can now finally let go of this BIG burden! Looking forward to being driven by you soon my dear!