Thursday, August 10, 2006

Disk Trespassing

After someone from the MS newsgroup suggested that outdated hardware firmware might be the cause of our Exchange 2003 Server database corruption, I did a check on our EMC CX300 SAN event log.

From the event log, I see some disk trespassing activities and it always happen on the same four disks. Two out of the four disks are used by our Exchange 2003 Server. I logged a case with out vendor and after sending them information collected from the SAN (spcollect) and Hosts (EMCReports), they finally get back to me. I was told that the hosts are causing the trespassing and the issues are.

1) The StorPort hotfix installed was outdated and will cause blue screen to the server. The recommended hotfix is 916048.
2) The PowerPath version ( installed on the hosts will cause trespassing for every reboot. The recommended version is 4.4.1 eFix 2.

I have both the new hotfix and PowerPath ready and we planned to have them installed this weekend since we are also having some network upgrade. I hope this will solve the problem of trespassing if not the real cause of the database corruption.

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