Tuesday, September 13, 2005

That Tape Library Again!!!

The Dell PowerVault 136T Tape Library broke down again this morning. The PV136T backup our EMC FC4700 SAN storage via the 1GB Fibre Channel.

The backup servers are not able to see the Media Changer (the tape library) and so backup did not run last night. I tried to manage the PV136T through the web interface but it did not load properly. I downloaded the new firmware for the PV136T and upgraded the Remote Management Unit (RMU) which provides the web interface. Once I get the web interface to work, I upgraded the Library Modules and requested our hosting operator to reboot the tape library. However, it still doesn’t work. I restarted the servers but still no luck. After a few attempts, I give up and decided to go the hosting site.

Once I reached the hosting site, I removed all tapes, powered down the PV136T, reseated all the tape drives and powered down the two master backup servers. Then I powered up the PV136T and wait for it to finish initializing. Then I powered up the backup servers and it works. I tested out the backup and everything is back to normal.

At the same time, I discovered one of the servers has a faulty harddisk and had reported the case. Will be changing the harddisk tomorrow morning and hopefully the other harddisk will not fail tonight since it is RAID 1.

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