Monday, September 26, 2005

Mailbox Manager Skipping Mailboxes

Last Friday, our Exchange 2003 Mailbox Manager started to skip mailboxes the nightly cleanup. There about 970 mailboxes but only 770 mailboxes got cleanup. Checking the Application Event Log, I saw a lot of Event ID 2037, 2027 and 8231 error logs. This is caused by a missing DLL file for certain address proxy generator. This is probably introduced by a new Exchange 2003 installed in an Exchange 5.5 site in our Exchange Organization.

I wrote an email to our corporate messaging team to require for the missing DLL and received the file the next day. I copied the DLL file to our Exchange server and ran the Mailbox Manager manually. I went out for a few hours and when we came home, I checked on the result of the mailbox cleanup and it is still skipping 200 mailboxes.

I used the reports generated by Mailbox Manager to find out which are the mailboxes being skipped. After getting the list of mailboxes, I used ADSIEdit.msc to check on the properties of those skipped mailboxes. I noticed that the value of the msExchPolicesIncluded property for those mailboxes is incorrect. I ran a vbscript to update the email addresses for all the mailbox-enabled AD accounts. Waited for a few minutes and verified the value of the msExchPolicesIncluded property for those problematic mailboxes had been update correctly.

The Mailbox Manager ran last night and it reported 960 mailboxes being cleanup. Well, I have forgotten to run the vbscript against one of the Organizational Units which contains the AD accounts of the 10 skipped mailboxes last night. I had ran the vbscript to update those 10 AD accounts and their msExchPolicesIncluded property had been updated.

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